Xtrasun 42" Parabolic HV Reflector

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Our Xtrasun parabolic reflector is an easy to assemble, high performance parabolic for large coverage areas on a budget. Its wide, even light distribution can be modified to fit your needs by choosing either vertical or horizontal lamp position using only a screw-driver. The XT42HV is low profile and is easy to assemble. Our Xtrasun parabolic reflectors provide excellent value and performance.


  • Delivers all the light down to the plants
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Built-in socket and 15' cord set
  • Bulb can be positioned horizontally or vertically for maximum light delivery
Horizontal bulb: 42"D x 11"H
Vertical bulb: 42"D x 20"H

Accepts: 400W, 430W, 600W, and 1000W sodium bulbs; 400W and 1000W halide bulbs