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Turn Root Zone Waste Into Nutrition For Your Plants

Your plants’ roots help you maximize your gardens yield when you give them a root zone filled with active enzymes that break down debris and promote nutrient absorption.

It goes without saying that your garden benefits from a convenient enzyme formula that breaks down dead material from your root zone, which creates reusable nutrition for your plants so you save money.

Here’s the inside story…

First of all, enzymes are molecules that take apart other molecules, and you can harness this fact to get more vigorous growth and maximize yields.

You see, if you were growing outdoors in the healthiest, most fertile soil, your plants’ roots would be surrounded by billions of beneficial microbes that manufacture enzymes.

These enzymes are constantly breaking down dead roots, other organic matter, and unused nutrients. They transform them into materials that your plants use for  to make more vigorous growth and maximize yields.

Rich enzymes in the root zone are one main reason outdoor plants get so huge and productive.

But you can’t just throw in any enzymes. You have to give your root zone the most powerfully appropriate enzymes for the job.

Turns out those exceptionally useful enzymes are chitinases, proteases, hydrolases, glucanases and cellulases.

When you insert live, thriving, concentrated amounts of these enzymes into your root zone, you create the vigorous enzymatic environment your roots need.

At the same time, the enzymes are turning debris into pre-digested food for your plants!



You Get What You Really Need In An Enzyme Formula




Now let’s take a moment to examine how you get the perfect enzymes into a formula that works in your hydroponics garden.

Because what a lot of hydroponics companies do is take shortcuts that short circuit the value of enzymes. Instead of using the precise types and ratios of enzymes that have been shown to work the hardest and fastest in your root zone, some companies outsource their manufacturing so they don’t know what’s in their enzyme products.

Because when you want to deliver a guaranteed effective enzyme formula to gardeners, you have to get enzymes that have been specially extracted in professional bioengineering laboratories.

Scientists in these labs grow huge amounts of beneficial soil microbes (the kind that manufacture the enzymes your plants need), and then they ferment those microbes to get concentrated doses of enzymes.

After that, the enzymes are tested individually and together to ensure that they have maximum shelf life, viability and effectiveness in the root zone.

Sometimes our scientists found that an individual enzyme might not work so well with other enzymes, or that a particular enzyme just cannot be kept active in solution. They also discover the optimum pH and liquid viscosity that works to preserve the bioactivity of enzymes for long periods of time.

Of course, there are other considerations. Our scientists are aware of the pH and temperature of nutrient water in your hydroponics garden. They make sure that Sensizym®‘s enzymes function at full strength in your range of pH and temperature.

By the way, it’s interesting to note that there’s a circular cycle of benefits involving Sensizym enzymes and beneficial microbes in your root zone.

For example, when Sensizym’s enzymes break down dead organic material into sugars, beneficial microbes eat the sugars, creating more enzymes.